Sunday, April 24, 2005

Who's This Dump Truck Drivin' Retard?

What's this? I suggest that we students, being some of the best and brightest in the nation, ought to be paid better for student jobs than our unskilled yard workers, and I'm an "effin pig!" Well eff that.

Check out what this overweight punk said:

oh, because you are better educated and better have more advantages you think you are "worth" more than unskilled laborers?

you effin pig! I can't believe you are holding to that elitist attitude. Hey why not toss the retards into an oven while your at it because you happen to have full mental capacity.

These unskilled laborers are keeping your bathrooms clean and your garbage picked up. I suppose you have no appreciation of that seeing that your probably still suckling off the teet of ma and da. ]

I'm better educated and "have more advantages" (meaning I'm a lot smarter and can do more than yard work?) than these people... uhm, yeah, that means I'm "worth" more to the economy.

Seriously, am I supposed to be afraid to state an obvious fact? You don't pay doctors the same as the people who scrub the toilets. Sorry buddy, but some people have skills that are simply a lot more important to society and we reward them so they will share those skills with us.

Look at this guy's website. He drives a dump truck. How fitting.

Some people have this idiotic idealized view of manual labor. Get over it. Manual labor is the brutest form of labor - you work with your hands because you don't have the intellect to do more.

Heck, that's fine, I don't care. I didn't say we ought to line these people up and execute them. I just said we should pay a person based on what their work is worth to society.

And what's up with this "suckling off the teet of ma and da" BS? Listen Dump Truck Retard, don't you realize that when you say that, it just shows everyone that you know you can't show me that I'm wrong? "Uhh.. well, your reasoning looks pretty sound... but I don't like it, so you must be a racist fascist spoiled sissy-man who doesn't know the hardships of life, and that means I can ignore you!". Suck an egg.