Wednesday, April 20, 2005

How About Some Counter-Propaganda, Eh?

They know how to make it sound nice, don't they? Who could oppose the Student Worker Alliance? Come on, you Support the Workers! don't you?

Join the Sit-in Protest and help us help the workers earn a Living Wage!


If you're not a filthy Marx-lovin' hippie, join our counter-propaganda campaign. Print out a few of these (at the library, preferably) and tack them up around campus, on the South 40 - if you're brave, even in your dorm.

click here for full size

click here for full size

Want to do more? Contact me: Send your own posters or poster ideas or essays/thoughts on SWA and the living wage issue and I'll put them up here. Please specify whether or not you'd like to remain anonymous.