Friday, April 22, 2005

Wrighton, You Bleedin' Pansy!

Oh, I see how it is. Some wacked-out students get together to stage a pathetic sit-in protest, and you give in to their demands?

For shame.

Didn't your mother tell you that policies of appeasement never work? And to think, I just came up with this whole Pro-Wrighton campaign idea!

Well Chancellor, I have to revoke my kind sentiments. I'd given you the benefit of the doubt, despite your already partly giving in a week ago. I thought that you would stand strong and not let a bunch of punk kids push you around. I was wrong.

So screw it.

You uncovered the pie and people have already started digging their greedy little hands in it - and I want my piece too.

So you'd better watch out. First thing next semester, there's going to be a sit-in protest. If unskilled manual laborers are on the way to making $10 an hour, why are you denying the human dignity of those of us with student jobs making as little as $6 an hour?

We're better than that. We're some of the nation's best and brightest. If unskilled labor gets $10 per hour at minimum, we should be starting at $20 - and that's asking for less than we're worth.